Printed with the highest quality Corrugated Plastic signs turn your landscaping, real states yards, or construction sites into places of potential customer acquisition. Whether you have seasonal discounts or, if you're operating at a construction site, Corrugated Plastic Sign will highly promote your business in an economical way. These signs utilize vertical flutes to allow H-Wire Stands be inserted into the bottom of the sign for stability and lawn display. They can also be ordered with grommets for hanging either indoors or outdoors. Yard Signs are printed in full color on rigid waterproof 4mm or 6mm corrugated plastic and are available in various custom sizes. With printing on either one or both sides, your signs can be oriented in landscape or portrait.  Use the upload link on the home page to send us your file.

12x18 Yard Signs

  • Create your file in CMYK mode with a resolution of 300dpi.

    If you file has been created in RGB or includes RGB objects, we recommend converting the file to CMYK.

    Do not include bleeding or crop marks in your artwork.

    Your artwork should reflect only what you need to be printed in the final product.

    Before you upload your artwork, be sure your artwork  is sent in the same size or ratio as your order.
    In order to provide you the fastest turn around, all artworks for Large Format products are sent directly to press.
    We will not be responsible for any reprints if your file is sent in size ratio different  than the measurements specified in your order. If you need a decimal size or special size, you requested through our “Estimate” section.

    If you are working with vector images (in programs like Adobe Illustrator), the final size artwork is not necessary unless you have placed photographs into your document. Then the above guidelines will apply.

    All fonts should be converted to curves or outlines. We suggest your files to be flatten or rasterized if possible to minimize the file size.

    We accept the following  file formats: EPS, TIF ,PSD , PSB & PDF files. JPG files are accepted, but they must be prepared properly (It’s strongly suggested that the JPG is created the closest size possible to the final print size)